Graphical Overhaul: Grapple Gal preparing for EGX

With EGX fast approaching, we have to make sure everything is as presentable as it can be, so we welcome our second major expansion!

Showcasing our New "New New Hampton" Action stage
A major criticism throughout Grapple Gal has been the visual style, while we've aimed for a low poly look throughout, we've mostly been showing greyboxed environments. We're very excited to show off the world of a Futuristic London.
We've used a lot of shaders in Unity to make everything stay vibrant and readable!

Gameplay improvements
We've continued to optimize Bullet, with a rebalance of the Overclock system and some more adjustments to player feel

Also introducing wall running! Dash at a wall to go into a wall run, from there you can jump off and get to incredible heights.

Full Level Showcase
New New Hampton has been continually reworked throughout development, and we feel like we're at a nearly complete state!
Aside from playtesting feedback and the continued effort of set dressing, we're in an excellent place and incredibly excited to develop further stages!

Billboard applications are still open so please make sure to send us your stuff!

So, what's next?

EGX is very very fast approaching, but there are a couple major changes we're working hard on!

  • Voice acting throughout the game.
  • New Player Model
  • Re-introduction of the Tutorial
  • Fancy Pants Menu

And much much more in the future!!!

Thank you everyone for your feedback.
Below we have links to our feedback form, please fill this in and let us know what you think.


GrappleGal Early September Build 68 MB
Sep 06, 2022
GrappleGal Early September Build V2 68 MB
Sep 07, 2022

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