Grapple V0.1 Patch Notes

Patch Notes Version 0.1: May 3rd 2023

First, thanks everyone for the continued support of Lasagna Games, the support for the project and the team have been incredible.

We're currently working on some major overhauls of several elements of the project, but this is going to take a LOT of time. So for now, please enjoy this new patch.

Physics Update

The gameplay is fast and frantic, but it was a little... too floaty. The player was able to skip through massive chunks of the level, and while that was very fun to see, it was a smidge too good. We've increased the weight and fall multiplier of the character, incluidng a bug fix that allowed players to Hover.

Grapple Simplification

The Grapple swing/pull differentiations were not clear enough, and did not flow well in gameplay. The pull is now the same size as the swing, we're currently working on a rework to how the pull should work (Basically just a faster harder swing right now) So we'll keep an eye on how players use it.

Asset Scaling

Assets and scenery around the stage were very simply too big, we have adjusted the scale accordingly.

Level Design

The core level design has been kept the same, small changed have been made to increase playability.

What's next?

We're still cooking. We're focused on remaking what we currently have, updating assets and tightening gameplay. We're still all personally very busy so please don't expect this in the next week or anything.

Please keep up to date on our discord and socials

Thanks again-



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May 03, 2023

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