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This is currently a work in progress with limited content. Everything featured is subject to change

Set 50 years from now, in a future in ruin. A cloaked entrepreneur builds several power rigs across the world, sucking the life out the planet and uploading it to a bogus streaming service. An independent detective agency in London gets alerted to these once their city ends up in ruin,
Play as Bullet, an augmented human with a grappling hook arm. Swing through levels at incredible speeds, using your arsenal to travel the world and destroying these rigs and saving the world!

This demo currently features.

  • A fully playable character
  • Tutorial Simulation
  • New New Hampton Street: Action Stage 01
  • Keyboard and Controller support

Lasagna Games is funded by Tranzfuser 2022.

Transfuser link: https://tranzfuser.com
Team Link: https://tranzfuser.com/new-tranzfuser-teams/lasagna-games/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lasagna_games


OLD_GrappleGalEGXBuild.zip 88 MB
Grapple Gal V0.1.zip 86 MB

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